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Dear Friends


Youth Inc. has come a long way since it was first established in 2006, but it is fair to say that the idea of starting a school was never part of the original plan. However, at the time of our 10-year anniversary in 2016 we had come to understand that to effect and sustain positive change in the lives of young people, we need to do more for longer. And so, the decision in 2016 to transform into a Special Assistance School seemed like a natural extension of our work.


Fast forward to 2019 and we now have a proven school design. We have full enrolment of 90 students per year, and awareness is growing among the many thousands of young people who are looking for a new way to learn. We have high levels of engagement and attendance, and we are  continuing to develop new and exciting opportunities for our students.

But there's one problem.


Although we are 100% funded as 'special assistance school', there are things that government education funding cannot buy. Things that make our school model truly unique. And it's for these reasons that we have established the YI100 Development Fund.


So, now I invite you to consider an opportunity… that is, the opportunity to invest in young people, our young people. What better way to build a better future?

Yours sincerely,

Spero N Chapley


Need for Financial Support

We need non-government funding to support two purposes - Scholarships (The Dream Fund) & Traineeships (Work Ventures).

The Dream Fund – scholarships

The Dream Fund offers financial support up to $1000 for approved purposes in relation to further education, employment or enterprise. Students present a proposal to a panel of investors. It’s not quite ‘Shark Tank’, but it is rigorous. Funds are paid to pay for course fess, training, or equipment etc. Click the video link for further details.

Work Ventures – Traineeships

Our school design is grounded in real-world, project-based and workplace learning – underpinned by a strong focus on positive mental health and wellbeing. The Work Ventures are integral to this model for a number of reasons: (a) They provide part-time, paid work experience opportunities that enable young people to become work-ready; (b) they underpin formal VET qualifications in business which, in turn, contribute to SACE achievement; and (c) they provide a financial incentive and reward which motivates ongoing engagement and attendance in learning. For the majority of our students, this their first taste of paid work.


Our portfolio of Work Ventures includes:​


The Events Team – This team delivers a range of events for clients including the Adelaide City Council, the SA Tourism Commission, and other corporate partners. The Events Team is also responsible for corporate events including our annual Golf Day.


Cleaning Team – As the name of this team implies, students in this venture are involved in cleaning our school building. Our aim is to expand cleaning contracts to include external clients.


Flower Bar – Starting out as a pop-up shop in the Adelaide Railway Station, the Flower Bar is now located on our own retail shopfront at 110 Hindley Street. By adding a splash of colour to the street we hope to build a flower delivery business to corporate clients in the CBD.


Consulting Team – A team of students has been engaged to deliver a contract for the SA Commissioner for Children and Young People. This is a youth-led market research project and it is something we hope to build on with new clients in future.


Hustle & Heart – Initially designed as an ethical gift store, this venture has now morphed into a production business specialising in ethical, social, and environmental products. Our current focus is on recycled conference lanyards. We call them LENDyards because we want them back! 


Financial support for traineeships will open-up job opportunities that will help students to make successful transitions into the future world of work.

Our aim is to build an annual fund of $100,000.


In simple terms, if we have 100 people investing $1,000 per year (tax deductible) we can change 100 lives. How good would that be?!

Of course, partnerships of greater value are welcome. For example, an investment of $5,000 will pay for a mix of 5 scholarships or traineeships. You can choose how much, and how it is used.

Because we are fully-funded by a mix of State & Commonwealth funding, we will allocate 100% of your investment for the purposes of providing scholarships &/or traineeships. There are no administration fees or other costs deducted for overheads. That's a promise.

Return on Investment

There are three (3) good reasons to invest in the YI100 Development Fund:​


Community – We will deliver opportunities for like-minded people to share in our work without all the usual fundraising palaver. In fact, we guarantee ‘no fundraising’. In the same way, the YI100 initiative is not about membership or networking. We are simply aiming to create a community that you feel proud to be a part of.


Engagement – Subject to time and interest, we will give our partners many opportunities to participate as panel members, guest speakers and mentors etc. We want to involve you in a way that enables you to see the true value of your support, first-hand.


Impact – Partnering with us will help to build a new school design for disengaged youth. And there is a mountain of research evidence that substantiates the need for new and effective ways or re-engaging young people who did not flourish in a mainstream school setting. In a very active way, our partners will play an active roll in changing our world.


Youth Inc. is a Public Benevolent Institution and offers full tax deductibility on any level of investment.


Tax Deductibility

100% of $ - on Purpose

100 x $1,000

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