Youth Inc. Official Opening

July 12, 2018

Friday 29th June was a special day for Youth Inc.! Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham, Federal Minister for Education, and the Hon. John Gardner, State Minister for Education, visited 110 Hindley to officially open the school.


The VET students jumped at the chance to show off their Retail and Hospitality skills, and arrived bright and early on Friday morning to begin preparing. Under the watchful eye of Evan, one of the Pineapple Project students, they began creating various delicious canapés to serve to the distinguished guests.







Meanwhile, the other students were busy upstairs, creating world-class signs for the Juice Bar, checking and double-checking the running sheet, and making sure the school was absolutely spotless.






As the event drew nearer, the students hurried to put the finishing touches on their work, and a contingent went to the door to greet the guests as they arrived. Among other students, Samuel made a particular effort to make the guests feel welcome, and ensured they were given a short tour of the building. Among the first guests to arrive were Spero Chapley, Board Chairperson and founder of Youth Inc., along with his father, Mr Nick Chapley, owner of Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets.





Once upstairs, the guests were treated to first-class service from the VET students, who skilfully distributed canapés and filled drink orders, acting as a well-oiled machine, despite their initial nervousness at serving a large crowd of distinguished visitors.






The MC’s, Tayla, Nick and Sarah, did a fantastic job of opening the event, before handing over to the Federal and State Ministers, who each gave a short speech. Of note was the announcement by Minister Gardner that Youth Inc. had been granted Special Assistance School status, a significant achievement for the school!




That wasn’t the only big announcement of the day, though. Fred, along with Paul Madden, Chief Executive of Wyatt Trust, was able to reveal that Wyatt Trust had offered a $15,000 grant towards a student financial assistance fund. This fund will enable Youth Inc. to better support students going through financial hardship, giving them the best chance possible to overcome their situation.


The Pineapple Project students took this opportunity to showcase the results of their project: the student Dream Fund, a crowdfunding project designed to allow sponsors to contribute towards funding the dreams of the students. Their video was received with enthusiasm, and one individual was so taken with the idea that he pledged the first $5000 towards the fund!