January 10, 2018

After 10 years of supporting South Australia's youth through employment opportunities, Youth Inc. will take on a new direction in 2018 as an independent, nonprofit education organisation. 


Registration as a Special Assistance School has been approved, funding from Commonwealth and State Governments has been secured and an in-construction studio space in the heart of Hindley Street is close to completion. This will be a school that's very different to any regular school.


Beginning February 2018, Youth Inc. will offer a 12-month learning and employment program for long-term unemployed and disengaged youth aged 17-24. It has been designed as a practical, real-world learning experience that combines SACE & VET qualifications with part-time work, small business and life-skills.


Young people will have the opportunity to develop enterprise skills for work, business, and a better future. Currently, enrolments are being sought for an initial 35 positions and another 30 will become available in July 2018.


Youth Inc. will offer $11,000 scholarships to young people who are ready for a change... who want something better. We would love to hear from young people who may have left school early, tried something else and it didn’t work out. Or maybe they just haven’t found their ‘thing’ yet. One thing is for sure, Youth Inc. still believes in their huge potential.


Youth Inc. Principal/Director, Fred Heidt, points out that 'we'll use a different approach to mainstream schools – a stronger emphasis on practical work and enterprise, and achieving formal qualifications using project-based action-learning in the local community.'


'Youth Inc. will be different because we don’t have classes, we do projects. Instead of assignments, we have pop-up shops. Rather than classrooms, we use the whole city. We'll offer a practical, real world, in real time opportunity', Fred explains.


Fred further shares that, 'We don't have classes - we have workshops, meetings and forums. We don't have uniforms, bells, and rules - we have an adult learning space. We don't have assignments, tests or exams - we have real-life learning opportunities based on your interests and goals.'


Youth Inc. has already brought together a comprehensive and diverse staff team ready to explore, experiment, and (re)identify the unique talents of young people with a commitment to holistic strength based learning.


Youth Inc. will focus on 'different smart' which values life experience and learning-by-doing. This means that we work on multiple intelligence - not just word/logic academic smarts - but also visual/creative, practical/problem-solving people-smarts. Furthermore, we value effort, 'grit', and street smarts.


So is Youth Inc. a school? Yes and no. Yes, because we are formally registered as an independent nonprofit special assistance school. And no, because we won’t operate like a conventional school. In fact, we are so different that you will have a hard time comparing us to a traditional, mainstream school.




For young people who wish to express an interest in enrolment, they can visit and contact Youth Inc. at




For Media Enquires, Youth Inc. Principal/Director, Fred Heidt can be contacted on 0411 864 820 or emailed at


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