Want to get ahead, fast?!

December 17, 2017


Youth Inc. is for the ‘do it my way, but I haven’t figured-out what that is just yet'…kind of young person. The kind of young people that you cannot put in a ‘box’. Unconventional.


Maybe regular school wasn't your 'thing'. Maybe you left school early, tried something else… it didn’t work out. Maybe you had ‘issues’ and needed some time to work things out. Maybe you've tried a few things... a bit of TAFE - until you figured-out that wasn't your 'thing'; a part-time job (that sucked!); or maybe you've just given up expecting to ever get what you once hoped for? Lots of maybes.


If you're in that twilight zone between surviving on Centrelink and not really knowing what you want and how to get there... you're not on your own. Or, at least you don't have to be.


We offer a 12-month transformative education and employment program for long-term unemployed youth aged 17-24. Get back on a pathway forward - get a job - get ahead, fast!


Seriously, this is a chance to restart some things and to get onto a fast-track to a better future.


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