Is this a school?

December 17, 2017

Yes and no. Yes, because we are formally registered as an independent nonprofit special assistance school. And no, because we won’t operate like a conventional school. In fact, we are so different that you will have a hard time comparing us to a traditional, mainstream school.


We don't have classes - we have workshops, meetings and forums. We don't have uniforms, bells, and rules - we have an adult learning space. We don't have assignments, tests or exams - we have real-life learning opportunities based on your interests and goals.


We don't promote competition for grades - our focus is on communication, collaboration and teamwork. Much of our learning is done in groups, supported by individualised learning plans. We call our teachers 'learning coordinators'. Our students are part of a team.


There's so much more that distinguishes our approach from regular school. Contact us to learn more.



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