'Different smart'... what?!

December 16, 2017


Nearly everyone says... finish Year 12 - get an ATAR - go to Uni - get a job... live happily ever after. So what do all the artists, artisans, entrepreneurs and change-makers do?


At Youth Inc. we focus on 'different smart'. We value life experience, learning-by-doing. We don't have classes - we do projects. Not assignments, but pop-up shops. No 50-page business plans, we learn as we go.


We work on multiple intelligence - not just word/logic academic smarts - but also visual/creative, practical/problem-solving people-smarts. We value effort, 'grit', and street smarts. 


We offer an aspiration-driven, self-directed education that addresses individual needs, interests, characters, and imperatives. We'd love to show you how!

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