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The world of work is changing. So much, that the Foundation for Young Australians estimates that 40% of current jobs are at high risk of being automated over the next 10-15 years. Entry level positions are disappearing and competition for available jobs is increasing. So, how do you stand-out in the crowd? Enterprise skills - that's how! These are the skills that employers say that they want; and these are the skills that will enable you to future-proof yourself in terms of the changes that are coming. More than that, enterprise skills are transferable to other areas of your life. This includes learning how to make money, and maybe even how to start a small (micro) business! Youth Inc. was started by business people, and we have connections with many successful people who are more than happy to share their strategies.

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Enterprise skills include "Soft Skills"

Planning, Projects, and Problem-Solving

Learn How To Make Money - maybe start a small business?

Includes Digital, and Financial Literacy

More of what we do

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