Enrolment for Team 4 will open in February 2020.

(We can take expressions of interest anytime until then)

We don’t do subjects, we do projects instead. The closest we get to a classroom is our learning studio, but even then we’d rather use the city as our school. Instead of a 5,000 word assignment, we’d rather start a pop-up shop, or work with a community organisation to effect positive social change. Our Curriculum is no less rigorous than a regular school. In fact we think that in many ways it’s much more challenging! You can still achieve your SACE (including VET qualifications), we just do Year 11 & 12 together in a Year 13 kind-of-way.


Our 5-Phase Education Model extends over a 15-month period and focuses on three areas: learning, work, and life.

How to enrol

Step 1: Attend an Information Session

Information sessions will commence in March 2020. They are designed as an interactive group session (1 hour) with other prospective applicants and they give you a glimpse of the ‘style and feel’ of the way we do things.

Step 2: Complete the Online Application Form

We just need a few basic details. Please follow the link
and complete a simple form.


Step 3: Chat with the Principal

After we have reviewed your application we will invite you to a meeting with the Principal. This will help us to get to know you a bit better and to make sure this is the right option for you.


Step 4: Placement Offer & Enrolment

This is a simple process of us providing you with a placement offer and completing formal enrolment documentation.

We'd love for you to meet, Ben. He's been with us on our staff team since the beginning. He's our Experiental Learning Manager, who relentlessly believes in the potential of young people and thrives by making learning real, practical and hands-on.

Ben loves riding his mountain bike, drinking Farmers Union Iced Coffee and the Essendon Football Club. But when he's at Youth Inc., there is nothing that he loves more than building partnerships to take a crazy idea and make it happen. Outdoor Adventures, Events, Campaigns, International Trips, Workplace Takeovers... just some of the things Ben gets up to.

Many say Ben has a poorly developed sense of fear and no idea of the odds against him and that's why we love him. Ben constantly has us all thinking outside the box, urging us to think bigger and better and in doing so, a laugh with or at him is never far away.

Ben Trewren

Experiential Learning Manager

Learn more about Youth Inc.

Read the Prospectus, and still have a question? Please get in touch!

The pre-entry program for Team 4 will commence in April 2020. The new school year starts in July 2020.

110 Hindley Street Adelaide SA 5000

0451 828 080 | 08 7109 0800


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