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A New Education Model


The Youth Inc. Enterprise Academy is Adelaide's newest learning alternative, and is designed specifically for young people aged 17-24 who are looking for something a bit different!


We are formally registered as an independent, senior secondary school*, but that’s as close as we get to a conventional education. We prefer to describe ourselves as a 'studio school' - deliberately small, and entrepreneurial!

We have a different ethos and approach to mainstream schools, with a stronger focus on practical learning, enterprise skills, work, resilience and wellbeing. 


Our curriculum is designed to engage young people in learning - using human-centred design principles - that enable our students to achieve formal SACE and VET qualifications in a practical, hands-on kind of way.  It is a real-world learning experience that integrates SACE and VET qualifications with project-based learning opportunities in the local community.


Our focus is on helping young people to identify their unique talents, and enabling them to make the most of those talents in the context of a life that matters to them. It's about developing enterprise skills and capabilities for life.

It's school... but different!

*State Education Registration Number 8321


Our Students

We work with young people who are ready for a change... who want something better. Maybe they left school early, tried something else and it didn’t work out. Maybe they just haven’t found their ‘thing’ yet. One thing is for sure, they have huge potential.

Team 3 commencing July 2019

Nathan - Team 1
Jess - Team 1
Samuel - Team 1
Alex (& daughter) - Team 1
Jayden - Team 1
Sarah - Team 1

What We Do



Our learning model combines part-time work with SACE & VET qualifications, small-business training, and life-skills - in a practical, learning-by-doing approach, based in the local community.


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110 Hindley Street Adelaide SA 5000

0451 828 080


110 Hindley Street Adelaide SA 5000

0451 828 080 | admin@youthinc.org.au

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