Unicorn Project


Likewise, a Unicorn Project is a project that does what you need to to do, and is what you need it to be.


Just need a bit of time to polish off your Project 2?



Want to do some volunteering?



Want to try and up your employability game in a serious way?



Just want to try and earn some extra SACE credits?



If this sounds a bit too vague, a bit too generic… then that’s good. Unicorn Projects can be different lengths, focuses, contact times, etc. They are whatever you need them to be - so we can’t make them any more specific, because then it might not do what you need it to do.


Your first step should be your meeting with a Learning Manager, where you identify what you might want to achieve. You’ll be able to check your goals, make some goals, and just generally see what you’d like to look into in the second half of 2018. It doesn’t have to be something that’ll take months and months - it just depends on what you want to do.


You won’t be by yourself, though. You’ll have a Learning Manager working with you, and dedicated 1-1 sessions. There’ll also be skill-building sessions and workshops to help you crush whatever it is that you’re attempting.


And if you finish it in a month, then you can do another, different project - or something inspired by your first idea.


Like we said: Unicorn Projects. Whatever you need them to be.


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