Investing in our Work Ventures

Dear Friends


I'd like to talk with you about a new initiative to help our young people who are part of the Youth Inc. Enterprise Academy.


BIZtrust is a new initiative. And the idea is really simple:

  • We are seeking the support of 20 business partners to invest $5,000 pa.

  • In the form of a 'soft loan*' or tax deductible donation

  • To help us to develop our portfolio of Work Ventures

We are developing a business strategy for the next 3-5 years in order to build a group of social business ventures that serve to provide paid work placement opportunities to approximately 50 students per year.

The idea of building paid work experience opportunities within the context of a new school model is truly innovative. There are no other schools that we know of in Australia that is doing anything quite like what we are doing.


Our hope is that there are enough SME business owners who resonate with the challenge of building a small business from scratch,and who are willing and able to support us in our efforts to provide opportunities for young people who are significantly disadvantaged in terms of their 'employability'.


Our commitment is to work hard and to report on progress and outcomes to all investors.

We believe that this is a real opportunity to be part of something that will have a long and enduring benefit, and a legacy for the future.


We hope to speak with you directly about this new investment opportunity.

Yours sincerely,

Spero N Chapley


*Repayment or reinvestment of your financial contribution can be discussed according to individual preferences and circumstances.

Value of Work Ventures

Our innovative new school design is grounded in real-world, project-based and workplace learning – underpinned by a strong focus on positive mental health and wellbeing. 


Work Ventures are integral to our school model for a number of reasons:

  • They provide real & relevant learning opportunities

  • They enable students to explore vocational interests & aptitudes

  • They increase work readiness & ‘employability skills’

  • They support workplace learning as a basis for SACE & VET qualifications

  • They add incentive & motivation to support engagement & attendance

  • They assist with real-world living expenses that might otherwise jeopardise engagement in learning

  • They add experience to resumes to assist transition to employment

  • They build a work identity & associated confidence for the future

  • They help to build workplace relationship/friendships


For many of our students, employment in a Work Ventures is the first real job they have had. 

Building Work Ventures into our real-world learning model is truly innovative. And it works!

Our current portfolio of Work Ventures includes:​


The Events Team – This team delivers a range of events for clients including the Adelaide City Council, the SA Tourism Commission, and other corporate partners. The Events Team is also responsible for corporate events including our annual Golf Day.


Cleaning Team – As the name of this team implies, students in this venture are involved in cleaning our school building. Our aim is to expand cleaning contracts to include external clients.


Flower Bar – Starting out as a pop-up shop in the Adelaide Railway Station, the Flower Bar is now located on our own retail shopfront at 110 Hindley Street. By adding a splash of colour to the street we hope to build a flower delivery business to corporate clients in the CBD.


Consulting Team – A team of students has been engaged to deliver a contract for the SA Commissioner for Children and Young People. This is a youth-led market research project and it is something we hope to build on with new clients in future.


Hustle & Heart – Initially designed as an ethical gift store, this venture has now morphed into a production business specialising in ethical, social, and environmental products. Our current focus is on recycled conference lanyards. We call them LENDyards because we want them back! 


Financial support for traineeships will open-up job opportunities that will help students to make successful transitions into the future world of work.

Under Development

There are three (3) areas of development in relation to our work in this area:​


Work Venture Strategy - We are currently developing our over-arching Work Ventures Strategy. The plan is based on a need to create more part-time jobs for our students. We need to do this in a business-like manner, of course, and we are seeking to finalise the strategy based on a thorough analysis of opportunities and risks.


New Ventures – News ideas and opportunities seem to emerge regularly. We are currently assessing the feasibility of number of new ventures including: a cafe, development of a media team, and a food/catering team. Longer term, we are interested in student accommodation and the even the idea of a social enterprise supermarket!


Adelaide Uni Partnership – We are seeking to formalise a partnership with the School of Business and the MBA program at the University of Adelaide. This will add significant market research capability and business acumen to our work.


Tangible Legacy - This is the sort of thing that will appeal to business owners. Developing a group of viable and sustainable work ventures will have long-term benefit to many young people, for many years to come.

Return on Investment - We can treat your investment as a donation or a loan. Either way, you will get more return on your investment that you could possibly expect.

Brains Trust - Subject to your interest and availability, there might be occasions when we ask you for some advice. This could involve a short meeting or two, but it will never be onerous or time-consuming.

Tax Deductibility - Youth Inc. is a Public Benevolent Institution and offers full tax deductibility on any level of investment.

Benefits & Opportunities

Current Work Ventures

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